IEP Doctor’s Note

The IEP season is just around the corner. As always, I’m here to help …

To Whom it May Concern –

(insert name here), is a patient in my medical practice. He/she has recently been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Situational Tourette’s Syndrome (STS).

This rare form of STS is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntarily shouting and obscene vocalizations during stressful situations. In some severe cases, patients have also exhibited involuntary hand gestures, clenching of teeth, pacing, name calling, eye rolling, heavy sighing, ripping of paper, and an excessive use of sarcasm.

While the research into this disorder is still in its infancy, we are seeing some commonalities among our patients. The early data is indicating that the disorder is occurring exclusively among parents of children with autism. Further research is indicating that the most severe STS ‘outbursts’ are occurring during IEP meetings.

As you are aware, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits the discrimination of individuals on the basis of their disability. As professionals, I’m certain that I don’t have to remind you that ANY of the above mentioned ‘outbursts’ must be ignored. Any attempt to retaliate against my patient, or my patient’s child, based on their outbursts WILL result in legal action.

Autism Hippie, MD

(Feel free to present this at your next IEP meeting – being an autism mom qualifies me as a doctor.)