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In addition to being an autism mom, Autism Hippie has worked with countless families, professionals, and schools for over ten years. She is trained/certified in several therapeutic teaching strategies, including Verbal Behavior, Floortime, RDI, Lindamood Bell, and Montessori teaching methods. She has attended numerous IEP meeting with families navigating the system to secure services. She has been on the end of that ‘first call/must call’ to support newly diagnosed families.

Now, you can consult, via private webinar, with the Autism Hippie from the comfort of your own computer. You get to choose the topics and the webinar is designed to answer your questions and concerns.

Among topics available, Autism Hippie will cover the core deficits of autism, the functions of eye contact, flexible thinking, social interactions, puberty, and the developmental stages required for communication and social interactions. She will help you understand meltdowns and provide you with strategies to deal with and reduce them from occurring. She will review your child’s IEP and help you create an action plan to secure the services need for success.

Autism Hippie Consultation Webinars are offered at $40 per two-hour blocks scheduled at your convenience.

After you schedule your webinar, Autism Hippie will email you a registration form to help design your webinar.

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For more information on scheduling an Autism Hippie webinar, please email your questions to autismhippie@gmail.com.


Working with Autism Hippie: Session #1 – Meltdowns

I have had the pleasure to video consult with Dancing with Autism – you can read about Lilia’s progress in this wonderful update written by her mother.

The holiday season is so busy for everyone. I am not scheduling training webinars until January. If you would like information about the webinar series, please message me your email address. I will add you to the Autism Hippie email list.

Also, go ‘Like’ Dancing with Autism to follow our progress!!

Dancing With Autism


So I’ve been speaking with Autism Hippie…. because she’s intelligent, funny, and has a boat load of autism experience. She’s trained in several different therapeutic teaching strategies, including RDI – we’ve been doing a lot of RDI, floor-time/play therapy at our house since Lila was 15 months old, and it has worked wonders so far.

For this first installment, we focused on how to handle meltdowns.

Autism Hippie has two wonderful blogs about meltdowns, located here:


AND here:


Autism Hippie’s advice included the following:

  • Set up a predictable framework for meltdowns – always act the exact same way, every single time.
  • Breathe slowly and stay calm, keep saying the same things over and over (you can even use a sing song voice – which we did).
  • STAY CALM. I just said it but it warrants repeating, this is incredibly important. The more worked up SHE gets, the calmer…

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