2015, A New Year

For me, 2014 was a year of painful transition. As I look to 2015, I see a year that will be filled with more adjustments that will test my spirit. I am hopeful that in overcoming my challenges I will have an opportunity for peace. If I am lucky, perhaps even personal happiness – beyond the joy I receive from my children.

My beautiful daughter is a junior in high school and her days at home are slipping away. Soon she will matriculate to college and my little family will be reduced to two.

While I am facing a year of unknown turmoil, I refuse to let the darkness ruin the last year that I have with my daughter living at home. I refuse to allow myself to obsess over things that are beyond my control. I choose to have faith in my ability to overcome, as I always have, whatever life hands me.

On a daily basis I receive messages from people telling me how helpful my blog has been for them.  Parents connect with my ability to accept and find humor in my challenges.

What most of you do not realize is that you have helped me, as well. During a year when I could have easily been swept away in sadness and regret, I had you. Knowing that thousands of people were checking in on my life forced me to remain focused on the positive. Helping you through the challenges reminded me just how strong I am – how much I have overcome.

So, as we face 2015 together, let us remember that there is happiness in every day – we simply have to focus on it.

Happy & Healthy New Year, AH


A Happy Day in 2014



6 thoughts on “2015, A New Year

  1. Audri silveira says:

    So proud of you and to be traveling this journey with you. In our home we are thankful for Willow coming into our life and teaching us so much. She has changed our lives profoundly, more than anyone has in our 40+ years. We have learned to let go of our ego, dig spiritually and have learned true acceptance, how toblove unconditionally and expect nothing in return except for the tiny miracles that fill our hearts unexpectedly. True love is putting someone elses needs before your own. The gift of her rare exceed the challenges and the very difficult challenging days. The funny side of autism is how we roll and I am proud of it! God speed to you and us all, together we can move mountains.

  2. Melissa Johnsen says:

    You are so beautiful…inside and out. It’s been a tough year at my house as well. Hoping to finish up this divorce and start new …..here’s to a Happier, Healthier New Year for the both of us!! :0)

  3. Sue says:

    When you have an autistic child you don’t have consistency. But my son has given me so much joy and just a genuine heart of love. I wish and your son that 2015 will being you more challenges but with each challenges you will witness your son shine and grow.

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